Who stole Steve’s Chili? Virtuosity Consulting Group

Contracting software developers can be a hit or miss proposition. To position itself as leader in software development consulting, Virtuosity Consulting Group released a video that hits the target audience right in the pain points: time, code quality, and, yes, even refrigerator bandits!

Virtuosity Release Management

Managing a software release can come with more than a few roadblocks. Virtuosity Release Management makes the end-to-end release process easier than it’s ever been. However, it’s a complicated subject and it had to make sense to both IT professionals and C-Suite stakeholders, as well. The video starts with a promise: at the end of 87 seconds, you’ll understand what Virtuosity Release Management is all about. The video employs a familiar tech-friendly yet approachable metaphor to show how higher quality software can be delivered to market faster.

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