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We’re Hiring!

Opening: Contract Animators

We are always looking for contract animators. We pay based on the project budget rather than an hourly rate.
The projects range in timeline and style, based on client need. Sometimes this requires a quick turnaround.
You would work with the creative director (who writes the scripts and creates initial visual concepting to accompany it, and he will provide feedback from internal and client reviews) and the project manager (who will provide you work details such as task lists, deadlines, and where to save your work, and be your regular check-in point of contact).
Please see our Projects page to see if you’re a fit.
If you’re interested please send us your resume and a portfolio of related work to info@splainers.com with subject line “Contract Animator”.  If your work seems like a fit we may have additional questions or ask you to meet with us virtually. If both sides see a fit, we will contact you when opportunities arise to see if you’re available and interested.

Opening: Contract Videographers

We are looking for contract videographers in WA and OR to collaborate with. You would be working with our creative director for client needs, direction, and feedback, and our project manager for scheduling, technical criteria, and general communication. If you’re interested in being on our vendor list, please send your resume, portfolio, rates, and location (including the range for travel) to info@splainers.com, title the email Contract Videographer. We will reach out to you with any questions we may have and perhaps set to up a video meeting. We’ll also contact you when opportunities arise in order to see if you’re interested.