Solutions through storytelling

Full course design. Video series. Solo videos. From concept to completion.

How do you get audience buy-in?


Each video at Splainers centers on your audience and its relationship to your idea or initiative.

We then exert forces from our varied backgrounds in:

Marketing – Outcome-focused, we step into your audience’s shoes as they discover, retain and act on your idea.

Design – We cultivate the best visual solution for each unique story.

Journalism – Curiosity drives us to unlock the story; clarity in presentation helps the audience get it.

Film – From high-concept to straightforward, our simple narrative arcs help “hook” your viewers.

The result? Your audience and idea are the perfect fit, be it in a video, a course, or…

Now that’s solving through storytelling.

Is your audience climbing a hill or a mountain?

Getting them to the top

In a solo video or short series, we want your audience to get a broad view of your idea, quickly and effortlessly.
Courses are much more detailed and have many more pieces.

Find out how the story carries the audience in both.

Who trusts us to tell their stories?

and many more…

What do other people say about us?

Splainers helped us turn our idea into a compelling and memorable story.

Paul H. | Adobe

Looks great! We are very happy with our Splainer!

Cheryl. H | Microsoft

Our Culture Splainer was a hit at our town hall this morning!

Pam G. | Enerplus

Thank you for all of your ideas and support. We are very happy!

Mike B. |

We enjoyed working with you and couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Tim M. | Medtronic

Our team will get your audience to the top.  

Every day, we ask ourselves: what will resonate with your audience? What will engage them? What will make those synapses in their brains go “pop?” We built a world-class team of storytellers to help answer those questions. And we’re not afraid to use them.

What goes into good storytelling?

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