Netmotion Wireless Videos

Netmotion Wireless Introductory Video

NetMotion provides a security platform to help secure remote workers in a way that actively improves the employee experience. To get across the message that Netmotion technology can quickly get its customers back online when their wi-fi goes out, Splainers created a video that hearkens back to the silent films of yesteryear and engages the audience with a memorable story that puts connectivity front of mind.

2016 Holiday Video

To provide a little holiday cheer for its customers, Netmotion wireless created a video that asked the question “How could Netmotion help Santa Claus answer the wishes of a little girl?” This video takes the viewer all the way to the North Pole, where they learn that with a little magic (and maybe a dash of Netmotion technology) they can always find connectivity during the holidays.

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