EchoNous KOSMOS Universal Platform

As medical technology expands, medical students will need more hands-on experience with AI-driven technology. To fill this gap in cardio-thoracic medicine training, EchoNous developed KOSMOS Universal Platform (or KOSMOS UP.) The technology guides students through their practical exams and allows them to upload their exams to an online portal; what’s more, it integrates AI applications to help cardiac ultrasound educators manage workflow, reduce grading time, and provide performance analytics.

But many medical educators haven’t had a lot of access to AI-driven ultrasound, much less to online portals that use AI to help them manage their classes. So EchoNous created “The Tale of Two Ultrasound Educational Experiences” video which highlighted the significant differences between a world with the platform and a world without it. By telling the story from the point of views of students and educators, it allows EchoNous to explain the platform in a simple and straightforward way–completely free of techno-jargon.

A Tale of Two Ultrasound Educational Experiences


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