Staff Meeting

Our daily meeting to review all current projects.

Projects in Process

  • Project name:
  • Deadline:
  • Current task:
  • Current person/people it’s with:
  • Their next milestone deadline:

What is the goal for the day?

(measurable, what do they want to have done, “a lot” is not a proper response, 1 minute of video at x stage would be…this doesn’t have to be met, unless it’s a milestone deadline, it is just goal to attempt to meet or exceed for motivation and clarity to the team, also to help plan, so they can meet the deadline)

On track for the milestone?

(do they need help, any complications)

In other words:

    • what is the goal
    • where is it at
    • who has it
    • where will it be at “end of day” measurable
    • when will it be completed  is it on track?

Projects on hold

Last client communication?

    • Last time we heard from them
    • Last time we reached out

Next time to reach out?

EVERY Monday (the day) 

We_look at every single project that is open:

    • state when deadlines are
    • if we are on track

look at hold projects:

    • the next check-in date
    • do we need to reach out again?


Recap notes 

Are a breadcrumb trail where we can see what has happened each day, or when something should happen next, changes in the plan, what the expectation is, etc. Mostly these notes should be what is said at the Staff meeting, when following the above protocol, but can also be end of the day recap notes or other updates/notes.

    • What specifically is being done?
    • Who is doing it?
    • When are they doing it (start/end), when is it expected to start
    • If something changes- why?

Every open project should have a daily update, unless there is a pause with a date for resuming.

    • No updates are needed until the date the hold is supposed to end.
    • You can respond to a prior update with new information or to state that hasn’t changed.
    • After 3-5 no changes, we need to reach out and figure out when we can expect a change.
    • For new projects- make sure there is a recap notes section and the manager is Stephanie- also let her know when you do your first post so she starts receiving the alerts. If she is liking the posts that likely means she has no idea they exist.

First (or nearly the first) post should be what is due when – 

    • deadlines, 
    • milestones, and 
    • What specifically will go to clients when