Workplace from Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is a communication platform that connects employees across a company, no matter their level in the organization. Built on the familiar Facebook platform, Workplace has dozens of features that make connecting easier.

But prospective users were having trouble wrapping their heads around exactly what Workplace was: “Is it like Slack? Or Microsoft Teams? Or Zoom? Or like a project management software?” The answer to all these questions was the same: “Yes! But there’s so much more!”

But there was also a desire to favor content over splashy graphics. Naturally, teams turned to Common Craft, the godfathers of the entire explainer video industry. It’s simple, no-frills style–combined with no-nonsense storytelling–was a perfect fit. Splainers, as a member of the Common Craft Explainers Network, took on the task. With a cut-out, almost homemade style, the new Workplace video captured the essence of the platform in a simple way that puts the needs of the audience first.

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